22 June 2020

5 Cuisines in 1 Restaurant

It’s not everyday you get to select from extensive lists of menus consisting of a range of 5 cuisines from multiple great restaurants. And now, for a limited time only, you get to experience it all at Frapasbar!


We are absolute fans of the quality of food at Frapasbar, but hey! can’t complain to have a few other choices now. If you’re dining out with a group of friends, you will definitely not have a problem satisfying everyone’s tastebuds and preferences.



Simply put, it’s french tapas! We love how the plates are designed to allow us to order a number of dishes to share, so we get to try them all!

When you’re there, be sure to order Sophia’s Risotto, the perfectly grilled and tender Octopus Leg, the fresh and vibrant Salmon Tartare and the smokey and moist Rosemary Smoked Chicken, just to name a few!



This is the answer to all steak lovers. Well, who doesn’t love a perfectly cooked juicy slab of steak?



From where it all started, Saveur serves french fares at an affordable price. The Saveur Pasta is such a hit that it can also be found on Frapasbar’s menu. Other than that, they’ve got a few other delicious dishes too.


Other than the above menus, there will be a selection of Japanese dishes too!


So yes! If you’re intending to waste no time in phase 2 dining out to fabulous meals, this may be your answer – 5 cuisines in 1 restaurant. Get ready to be absolutely spoilt for choice!

08 April 2021

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23 March 2021

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