09 April 2020

Islandwide Delivery at Chunky Lobsters


Succulent and juicy lobsters can now be enjoyed at the comfort of your home!


As its name implies, you can expect your bun to be generously stuffed with chunks of lobster meat. With the range of lobster rolls, you can pair it the way you like it, either with lemon butter and herbs to bring out the freshness of the lobster, or other unique creations such as the locally made chilli crab sauce, with Takoyaki toppings or many more.
Check out the full menu HERE.



Chunky Lobsters delivers islandwide from 11am to 9:30pm

Delivery is free with a minimum order of $70.

To order, simply call 90076467.

03 July 2020

1-for-1 Pasta at The Assembly Ground

For the month of June

02 July 2020

10% Off Basic Package on 3D Casting/ Imprints

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Movies at The Cathay