28 April 2020

4 Stay Home Hair & Beauty Ritual


With the recent measures of the circuit breaker,

grooming services such as salons, barbers, spas and
aesthetic clinics have temporarily suspended its operation.

Many of us are left stranded with messy long hair, clogged pores and dehydrated skin.
It’s time to step up your game and try these life-changing hair & beauty ritual!

1. DIY Haircut

It may sound pretty scary to have your haircut done by yourself or your family members.
On second thought, you have nothing to lose as your hair grows an inch every month
and you wouldn’t want to resemble Chuck Nolan in Cast Away.

For men, start trimming the neck with and define the hair with a hair clipper.
Adjusting the clipper size allows you to create different hair length.
Then, trim the hair line around the ears and finish off the top part of the hair
by snipping off the length with a scissor.

Ladies, section your hair using hair clips and clip 2/3 of your hair on the top.
Make small cuts first then move on to longer lengths.
Make sure to compare the length by splitting your hair into half and placing it
at the front of your shoulders and voila!

Hurry! Time to chop chop.

Materials you’ll need:
– Scissors for haircut
– Hair clipper
– Hair clips
– Hair comb
– Mirror

Image credit: A Cup Of Jo, Pinterest, Ashley Rubell

2. Applying Facial Mask

When you travel to Korea, we all know that you are not leaving the country without your luggage
fully packed with facial masks. Yes, it is the highly craved must-buy product amongst all to achieve dewy skin like Korean artistes!

For those who prefer something out of the norm, try DR. JART+ Shake & Shot Rubber Mask
which aims to tackle issues such as dehydration, uneven skin tones and enlarged pores.
The fun about this mask is to mix the content in the cup and the formula quickly
becomes a rubbery texture you apply on your face.

Remember, achieving flawless skin is all about hard work.
For a start, apply 3 facial masks weekly and to achieve visible results, apply daily.

Image credit: Metro Style, The Cut, Yes Style

3. Spice Up Your Hair By Dyeing It

The circuit breaker seems like it’s never-ending and that’s probably
because you don’t see a drastic change to yourself every time you look in the mirror.

Dyeing your hair can drive your motivation in your life because you are adding/ changing colour
to your current hair colour. If you are an introvert or conservative person, we would recommend
choosing a darker shade of brown, purpled or red. But if you don’t mind being loud,
by all means express yourself through fun shades of ash and blonde.

Image credit: Pinterest, All Things Hair, Pinterest

4. Rock A Set Of Nail Design

Ladies, you must be feeling utterly bored to look at the same nail colour/ design everyday.
Make today a special day to rock a set of polka dots along the tip of your nails,
simple glitter stripes or a double French mani. The beauty of these simplicities are irresistible!

Materials you’ll need:
– Nail filer & buffer
– back of a nail brush (to create dots)
– Thin nail art brush (to create lines)
– 2 to 3 nail polish of your own preference

Image credit: Pinterest

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