01 July 2020

Best Hairstyles For My Face Shape (Men Edition)




You have been wearing the same hairstyle for years, maybe since school days. You couldn’t care less if it’s flattering, as long as it’s neat and convenient, it works. The only thing you say to your barber is to trim it the same or the usual, and you walk out of the barber 10 minutes later. You may have considered changing your style at some point, but brush it off as you’re too lazy to imagine or find out if it suits you.


We know, and so we’ve put together this piece. You’ll have a better understanding of what suits you after this 5 minutes read.




First and foremost, understand your face shape. To do so, pull your fringe back, take a photo and trace the outline of your face. Takes 2 minutes, simple.


Now that you know your face shape, it’s time to explore what hairstyles suit your face the best!


Good news! This is one of the most versatile face shape where most styles fit nicely on. So if you’re itching for a change, go for it! Your face shape allows you the freedom to experiment from longer lengths to a shaved head.


That said, it’s best though to avoid bangs or fringe that covers your forehead as it may make your head appear round.


Celebrity matches: Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Statham

(Credit: Metro)


You have a strong jawline and you definitely do not want to hide this masculine feature.


Like an oval shaped face, you can carry most styles too, from a style with volume to a really short haircut, and a trendy undercut.


Celebrity matches: David Beckham and Nick Lachey

(Credit: Pinterest)


A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow chin. The goal is to create balance of the two.


Opt for a mid-length swept look and textured fringe. Cuts that are tight are best avoided as it highlights the narrowness of your chin and wideness of your forehead.


Celebrity Matches: Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake

(Credit: Business Insider)


The length and width of your face is almost the same if you have a round shaped face. Therefore, the hairstyle you choose should elongate your face.


A pompadour is one of the most flattering cut for you as it lengthens your face through the volume on top. You can also opt for a side part. Both of these styles create angles and dimensions to your face.


Celebrity Matches: Jeremy Renner and Elijah Wood

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You have a long and angular face. So as oppose to a round shaped face, you must choose a style that does not further lengthen your face. Pompadours look great and manly, but you must avoid it.


You will need to opt for a more balance style, ensuring that the sides aren’t too short and there’s not too much length and volume on top. A side part will work well to ensure your face doesn’t appear narrower than it is.


Celebrity Matches: Henry Cavill and Arnold Schwarzenegger

(Credit: Cheatsheet)


Now that you have better understand your face shape and style, you need a good stylist.

You know you’ll be in good hands at Air Salon and The Space Hair Salon at The Cathay.

Read “Best Hairstyles For My Face Shape (Female Edition) over at Cineleisure’s website.


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