16 October 2018

Creative Halloween Outfit Ideas

Are you cracking your head on what to dress for halloween?
We have some ideas we thought you might be interested!
Dress up in a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles
(Image source: Woman's day)
Presenting the tall sized frappe
(Image source: Woman's day)
As well as the venti sized frappe… Who knows you might earn yourself a free drink at Starbucks.
(Image source: Southerncurlsandpearls,com)
Popcorn anyone?
Halloween is never same without pumpkins.
(Image source: costumegalore)
23 July 2019

Food Trail at Cathay Malls

Join us on a delicious trail to sample dishes from 3 F&B restaurants

17 July 2019

Crafts Workshops

Get creative and hands on this September

Movies at The Cathay
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