08 February 2021

Floral Trends of 2021



Valentine’s Day may be the biggest cliche to you, but no, please do not ignore it.

A small gift or gesture may not cost you much time and money, but trust us, the appreciation goes a long way.

The next cliche besides the occasion would likely be gifting of flowers. But hey, there’s a good reason why flowers are still the most loved Valentine’s Day gift for centuries and till today. One way to avoid the cliche is to stay away from the classic red roses. Show your girl the thought and care you’ve put into the gift by surprising her with a beautiful bouquet that’s not just different from what she has received last year, but also on trend.


Aren’t familiar with the floral trends? Don’t worry, leave that to us.



Soft pinks, sage green and creamy whites are reigning as the colours of the year. Layer the colours to create a bright and gorgeous burst of pastel. The bouquet does not just give off fairy tale vibes, it brightens up the room when displayed in a vase.

Floral Trends


Sustainability has undoubtedly been the biggest rising retail trend, and not surprisingly, it has affected the world of florals as well. If your girl carries a Stojo cup or uncheck the “cutlery” request on Grabfood, she’ll definitely appreciate a bouquet that does away with the cellophane and plastic wrappers, but instead uses paper wrapping.

Floral Trends


It ticks the sustainability box, and is definitely Instagram-worthy. This trend took over 2020 and is here to stay! Preserved flowers are gorgeous as they are, and have an extended shelf life. You can of course dry out your fresh flowers after they have wilted, but let’s be honest, would you even bother? Even if you do, chances of it being as charming as those you can find at the florist…slim.

Floral Trends

It’s not too late to get your flowers!

If you need help, our go-to is 108 Florist located at the basement of The Cathay. The elderly couple are the nicest folks with decades of experience and will always do their utmost best to ensure you walk away with a bouquet you’re delighted with.


 (Image credit: Pinterest & 108 Florist)


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