01 March 2019

Girl Bosses



Who runs the world? GIRLS!

And just like Queen B, we too are raising our glasses to all the girls who’re taking over the world.

In celebration of International Women’s Day that falls on 8 March, we shine the spotlight on five strong, independent girl bosses who stepped up and stood out as leaders and kick-butt in what they do.


Crowned as “Singapore’s undisputed Lifestyle Queen” by the Peak Magazine, Cynthia is the very definition of #girlboss. With 17 brands under her belt including one which kickstarted the revolution of waxing – Strip.

Born in 2002, a time when waxing is a taboo, with the vision to help women boost body confidence, Cynthia trialed and tested new techniques and experimented with new waxes till she created one that is significantly less painful, more hygienic and less embarrassing.

With a total  of 14 outlets in Singapore, including one at The Cathay, and presence in 12 countries around the world, Cynthia has no doubt built an empire, against all odds.

(Image credit: The Peak Magazine)


Creamy gelato on top of an oozing molten lava cookie, these desserts are not just a dream for a sweet tooth, they are extremely Instagram worthy too!

Helmed by sisters Sue-Maine and Sue-Lynn, with the dream to recreate similar desserts they tried overseas, Kooks Creamery was born in 2016 with its first store in Serangoon. It now has 2 outlets including its second at The Cathay. It offers a range of artisan ice cream, made from scratch by the sisters.

Sue-Maine, a marketing executive and Sue-Lynn, a visual merchandiser and designer underwent a three-day gelato course and a whole year of fine tuning their recipe till they get the perfect molten lava cookie.


Founded in 2014 by Rebecca Chiu, then 28 years old, trendy F&B concept cafe, Soi 55 grew from a makeshift cart made from scrap metal sheets salvaged from construction sites, to now a shop at The Cathay. Soi 55 took off quickly, making a profit in less than six months. The National University of Singapore law graduate was still working as a corporate lawyer when she started Soi 55.

In an interview with Cathay in 2017, Rebecca credited part of her success to her father, who taught her the importance of a “can-do” attitude.  She learnt from him that there is almost always a way around a problem if you try hard enough or if you think creatively enough.


Home Nails was a home-based nail salon in Punggol when it was founded by owner Wang Huiqin back in 2008. 10 years on, the salon now has a shop at The Cathay, voted one of the Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Singapore by Honeycombers and named “Must Visit Nail Salon” by Her World.


From sourcing of suppliers and products, to flying to Korea to obtain her certification in nail designs and techniques, the passion in nail arts is what pushed Huiqin to start a business of her own, and what gave her strength when the going gets tough.

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