19 March 2019

Here’re 3 Benefits Of Green Tea That’re Good For you

3 Benefits Of Green Tea


Green tea has got to be one of the zero calories drink one can have, it is not only rich in antioxidant it also contain many useful vitamins that are good for our health. Many of us are aware that we can find green tea as a flavour almost anywhere as

Here are 3 benefits from consuming green tea:

Protect Against Cancer

Whilst green tea is loaded with nutrients, it is also known to protect us against two common cancer in men and women which are prostate and breast cancer respectively. A study was conducted across a few countries, the Asian population seemingly have a lower percentage to contracting cancer as compared to the western population.

Diet could have been a huge contribution factor to this and consumption of green tea in Asian population is generally higher.


Healthy And Youthful Skin

Something unsweetened and seemingly healthy for the skin? Skip the sugary drinks and sodas! The antioxidants helps to eliminate and neutralize harmful free radicals. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which reduces pre-mature aging and helps to regenerate skin cells. Besides healthy and youthful skin, green tea also aids in digestion and reduce bloating.

It’s time to eat well and feel good!

Boost Your Immunity

Due to its antioxidant value in its content, consuming green tea helps to cut risk of flu by half. Furthermore, it helps to relieve flu symptoms and reduce the severity. It is rich in vitamin C which enhances your body’s natural defences.

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