30 January 2019

Here’re 3 Benefits Of Coconut

A Coconut A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Boosting Energy

Coconut water is absolutely good for you, it’s packed with abundant in vitamins, minerals and other helpful nutrients. Feeling lethargic or sluggish in the day? Try drinking coconut water it helps to replenish and boost the body’s energy levels after any strenuous activity or workout.


Coconut water contain lauric acid which helps to prevent against potential bacteria or viruses attacking the body. It also act as an excellent sports drink to re hydrate and cool down the body quickly. Besides the hydrating properties, it is rich in potassium, fat and cholesterol free.  As compared to your regular sports drink, coconut water has lesser sugar content and makes it an ideal beverage for most. You can make coconut water your best buddy now and you can certainly find them in bottles at ALL COCO starting from $3.80.


Weight Loss

Are you looking to shed a few pounds after the all the binge eating from the festive period but water just does not taste as good as soda? Give yourself a  treat and try the refreshing coconut snowflake drink from All Coco with that contains LOW calories intake. It will greatly benefit people who are struggling with weight issues.

Gosh, all coconut lovers will be in for a treat because All Coco Singapore serves a selection from coconut ice snowflakes, coconut softserve and you can even bring take home with you!

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The Cathay, #01-24

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