18 April 2017

Take #OOTD Like A Pro

Styling an Instagram- worthy look is one thing, but capturing it perfectly on photo is another. We all know a selfie just doesn’t cut it unless you reign social media like Chiara Ferragni or Kim Kardashian.


There is no quick fix or an effortless formula, neither would your followers be impressed if your profile lacks variety.


Armed with the below tips and with sufficient practice on being handy with a camera and directing a shot, you’ll soon find your Instagram shots racking some serious likes and envies.


You’ve mastered the art of OOTD when you can pose for a shot without looking too intentional. One of the most widely used method is to look away, look anywhere but at the camera.


(Photos credit: @itsfranxcesca and @sophiachong)


Add a playful touch and a burst of happiness and energy to your OOTD shots by faking a laugh (or have your friend crack a joke to have you laugh out loud for real).


(Photos credit: @bellywellyjelly and @melissackoh)


This is the ultimate paparazzi shot! Look like you’re caught in a moment, brisk strides and wind in your hair.


(Photos credit: @belluspuera and @vaingloriousyou)


OOTD does not necessarily have to be taken from the front, play with angles, go for the side view angle for a change.


(Photos credit: @bellywellyjelly and @jamiejchung)


Flaunt that new pair of rad kicks or accessories by taking a top down shot.



(Photos credit: @yoyokulala)


When the details of your outfit is so cool, your face don’t matter.









(Photos credits: @marxmae and @yoyokulala)


Nailed the poses, now find the perfect backdrops to complete the shot.




(clockwise from top left: @valerie_wang, @szes, @chloeandchoo, @bellywellyjelly, @imjennim, @yoyokulala)


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Terms & Conditions
o The prizes will be given away to the participant who follow the steps in the contest:
– $50 Fred Perry vouchers
o Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or other items
o Facebook winners will be notified via our Facebook account
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o If winner does not acknowledge their win by email of their particulars as requested by Cathay by the stipulated date and time, Cathay reserves the right to award the prize to a replacement winner, and/or forfeit the prize
o Contest is open to participants residing in Singapore
o Participants may send only one entry per contest, multiple entries with the same I/C will not be accepted
o Participants who have entered more than one contest for the same prize are entitled to win only one contest
o Cathay reserves the right to request every winner to provide proof of identify and other relevant proof(s) as required by Cathay, in order to claim the prize. In the event that any winner is unable to provide proof of eligibility which is satisfactory to Cathay in its sole and absolute discretion, he or she shall be deemed forfeited his or her prize in whole and no substitute shall be offered.
o Frauds will result in immediate and permanent ban from all Cathay contests
o Entries after 26 April 2017, 11:59pm will not be considered and incomplete entries will be disqualified
o Prizes must be collected from Cathay head office, located at 22 Martin Road, #03-01, Singapore 239058, 9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays)
o Winners are strictly required to collect the prize personally and bring along their Winners’ Email. Upon collection, winners have to present their original NRIC/ Passport for verification
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