07 January 2020

Look Your Best This Chinese New Year


We’ll soon be ringing in the Year of The Rat! Are you ready for it? A new set of clothes is a must, but a gorgeous dress alone will not make you the person of envy on the streets, nor win you praises at family gatherings.


Girls, don’t forget your face, hair and nails! Time to start making those appointments.


From simple and classic French manicure to wacky and fun designs, nail art is a great way to express your personality. You may fear being over the top wearing maneki-neko (fortune cat) nails, or unicorn nails on a regular day, but what better time than CNY where everyone’s pulling out all the stops to give it a go! Pretty sure it’ll serve as a great conversation starter too.


Even if nail art is too elaborate for your liking, nail care is important as well, and no, that does not mean just trimming your nails. A good TLC includes soaking, scrubbing and moisturizing, leaving your hands and nails looking healthy and smooth, allowing you to wave it with confidence.


Home Nails at The Cathay, level 1 offers a menu of nail art, classic manicure and pedicure, spa and more!



Rather than risking your mascara smudging by mid day, get them done so you can say goodbye to under eye and mascara touch-ups and look fab from day to night.


Whether you want fuller lashes to channel glam queen, or natural looking ones so you can say you “woke up like this”, lash salons can satisfy any look you desire. Each eyelash is carefully glued on to your natural lashes to achieve lashes that look as close to your own as possible.


Get yours done at J.Lashes located at The Cathay, level 4.



We have all been there, having our mood ruined by a few stubborn strands, hair that parts in an awkward manner; or our future ruined by a bad trim or unflattering cut (not being dramatic at all). The last thing you wish for, is to meet all your distant relatives wearing less than perfect hair and have them remember that image of you for the rest of the year (till you meet again).


Instead of waking up an hour early on Chinese New Year to fuss over it, get prepared beforehand by going for a good cut and treatment. Trust us, a good hairstylist does magic to your hair, and good and healthy hair does wonders to your entire look.


The newly shifted and expanded Air Salon at The Cathay Level 2 is the place you know you’ll be in trusted hands. Other than being a hair salon, it is a one-stop beauty destination where you can also enjoy a manicure and a even a cup of coffee.



Make-up does wonders yes, but unless you’re an experienced make-up artist, truth is, healthy radiant glow is hard to achieve with make-up. Unlike the above, good skin takes time, so make your appointments early ladies!


Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic at The Cathay, level 2 was created for this main purpose: to create and maintain good skin with natural but beautiful facial enhancements. Other than the skin, Founder and Medical Director Dr Kellyn Shiau is well versed in a broad range of aesthetic procedures ranging from jaw reduction injections, fillers, lasers, skin-care, acne scar treatments, thread lifts to non-surgical skin tightening devices.


So sit back, you know you’ll be in good hands and be walking out feeling confident.



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