06 August 2018

Local gifts for your overseas friends!

Looking for a gift that is significant to Singapore for your overseas friends?

One that shouts Singapore yet still cool to use?

Here are some from NAIISE:



One clutch, two ways of carrying it!

Why get a normal clutch with one look when you can get one with TWO different looks? Make your dollar stretch further with this versatile clutch!

Note: Exact prints of flowers on batik will differ from piece to piece.



Statement’s philosophy of delighting and making others smile is successfully achieved through their clever and witty T-Shirt design prints. And just like the tees we use everyday, happiness and joy can be for everyday too.




Now & Then Collection is designed in Singapore, with the support of Design Singapore Council. This collection showcases various iconic architecture in Singapore, allowing everyone to own a piece of Singapore’s heritage.

Traditional shophouses façade ornamentation draws inspiration from the Malay, Chinese and European traditions. Other traditions include the use of Peranakan pastel coloured glazed tiles, often with floral or geometric motifs. The degree of a shophouse’s ornamentation depends on the prosperity of its owner and the surrounding area; shophouses facades in cities and (former) boomtowns are generally more elaborate than rural shophouses, which tend to be more Spartan in design.




Bak Zhang? Five Stones? A pouch like this is handy arm candy. Great for little items like keys, coins, wires and other knick-knacks! Exact print on each item will differ.



These Singlish Bracelets are handcrafted out of stainless steel and come in five Singlish phrases with either silver, gold or rose gold plating. Wear them and they’re sure to draw some curious (and envious) stares!

Designed locally, LOVE SG incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each product, blending local flavour with international appeal. The result is a bold, cheeky and slightly surprising collection of products that are ‘Singaporean’ enough to bring back as a souvenir, yet fun enough to use.



Brought to you by the good ol’ folks from Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory, this thoughtfully packed sauces allows you to achieve that taste of home-cooked food with much convenience. Catering to the smaller size of families these days, this sauce from Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory serves about 2-3, and comes with easy steps for you to attain the taste of a great cook of Singapore hidden delicacy.

Char Siew (pork roast) is a popular way to flavour and roast barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine. It is sweet and flavourful. It is classified as a type of Siew Mei (Cantonese roasted meat) and is usually eaten along with many local cuisines. Grandpa Woo made it simple so you can prepare this all time favourite easily from home.

Black pepper crab originates from Singapore, and is one of the two most popular ways crab is served. This savoury spicy dish can now be replicated with this sauce. Grandpa Woo prefers to fry till it is dry so that the sauce sticks to the shell.




Sick and tired of that friend who always pangseh you? Then our BojioxWahLau Snapback is just for you! Featuring the latest Cork and Wool material, it is the much needed addition to any cap collection. Dun say we Bojio you hor!

NAIISE is located at Basement 1, The Cathay


09 April 2019

Chef Street Opening Special!

A meal cost as low as $2.95!

18 January 2019

Top Value Set Lunches + 50% Waffles Wednesday

Every Wednesday is a waffles day

Movies at The Cathay
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  • Much needed mid-week fuel 🍵 
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  • In celebration of Cineleisure’s new look, we will be giving out free vouchers (yes no joke, it’s absolutely free) from 12-14 April & 19-21 April 2019. 
Meet Mediacorp 987 DJs Gerald & Kim this Friday, 12 April, 6 to 8pm and receive free vouchers from them! 
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  • Which is your favourite local delight? Prawn noodles, Nasi Lemak or Steamed Chicken Rice? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Have it all at the newly opened Chef's Street at The Cathay #B1-01/02/03.
  • Saladstop! will be introducing a new menu, injecting a whole bunch of new ingredients and signature bowls to cater to evolving tastes and demand!