01 April 2020

Nail Care Is Self Love!

When is the last time you had your nails groomed?
Last week, last month or even last year??

Nail care is essential for all ladies (and men too) because it prevents skin from drying out and softens the rough areas.
Having your nails professionally groomed can also significantly improve hygiene too!

It’s time to take some serious responsibilities for your nails and
give them a proper treat! Here are a few ways to make a difference:


The foundation of growing healthy nails is to get your nails trimmed and
filed every bi-weekly. Unless you are trained in this, chances are, what you’re doing is not right or not enough. So, leave it to the professionals!

The difference between doing it yourself and by a manicurist is that
she understands the condition of your nail and is aware of how to trim/ file them appropriately.



Many often neglect the cuticles on their nails, thus resulting in the
irregular growth of nail beds. One of the perks for visiting a nail salon
is getting your cuticles removed. This is done with a cuticle remover to
soften cuticles and a cuticle pusher to push softened cuticles back.



It’s important to repair and restore dry looking hands and feet you have
from washing dishes or walking barefoot. To prevent ageing,
apply a generous amount of cream to your hand and feet and moisturise thoroughly.

After applying feet cream, wear a pair of socks to bed
and wake up to gorgeous moisturised feet!


Last but not least, get your nails in the mood by having your nails polished
with a two-tone colour or customised nail art to make yourself feel special!

Men can choose to apply a layer of nail strengthener to protect their fresh set too!

Can’t wait to get your nails done?

Visit Home Nails at The Cathay, #01-17 to get your nails fixed today!
Call 6333 4985 to make an appointment.

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