26 September 2017

What Your Office Desk Says About You


Whether it’s as empty as an unoccupied desk, or one that resembles a war scene, desk presentation does make quite a statement about your personality.


So what does yours say about you?



Your desk is chaotic, lies under a mountain of documents, so cluttered, you rarely see the surface of your desk. You have post-it notes of all colours stuck at different areas of your desk, and snacks and stationery lying around the desk.


It may look like a disaster, but you have absolutely no issue locating each item. Organised mess you call it, though it baffles everyone else and you have no qualms with your colleagues joking about the condition of your desk.


While you may think that a cluttered desk would be uninviting, it can actually mean the opposite! Research reveals that The Clutterer are typically extroverted, cheerful and welcoming of colleagues.


We explores within the Cathay office. The Clutterer in Cathay is definitely an easy-going friend of everyone and contrary to common belief, her messy desk does not hinder focus. This girl’s got the unique gift of blocking out any sort of distraction.


Your cup will not get lost in your pile of papers, these stacked cactus cups are perfect for the Clutterer!


Avoid getting accused of paper wastage when you use this eco friendly post it pad.


For you, less is more. Your work desk has no clutter, documents are perfectly stacked, stationery are perfectly placed, often tucked out of sight.


You won’t classify yourself as someone with obsessive compulsive disorder but unorganized documents irks you. You like things placed in neat order. You believe a clean and tidy desk equals a clear mind.


The Minimalist is likely to be high in the traits of conscientiousness, cautiousness, are hardworking, reliable and thrive on structure and planning.


The Minimalist in the Cathay office ensures documents are neatly stacked and items are placed in order and where they should be at the end of every day. Her desk calendar is placed in her line of sight, and she often works with a task list.


The minimalist will love these sophisticated desk organisers from Naiise, located at The Cathay, basement 1.








You believe your office desk is your second home. You take pride in making sure your desk is as comfortable as it can be, which often echoes how your home/ room is like, a place where you feel most at ease.


You choose not to use the stationery provided by the company, but instead own your set of unique stationery and notebooks, quirky gadgets and sometimes even your very own coffee machine.


This is a desk that screams your personality the most. Research reveals that the Personaliser is often curious, creative, and intellectual. He/she embraces new ideas and is open to new experiences. It is also believed that people who personalise their office desk are more likely to have greater job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing.


The Personaliser in the Cathay office is cheerful at work, a sign of job satisfaction, and open to being challenged with new scope of work.


Why use boring tape dispenser like everyone else when you can have quirky ones like these? Get them at TotallyHotStuff, located at The Cathay, level 2.













(Images credit: BBC)

13 October 2017

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18 August 2017

Lobster Frenzy has arrived at Nihon Mura Express!

From now till 31 Oct only!

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