17 January 2017

Red Is The New Black

Red is a tricky color, especially for the gents. If you’re bold enough to stand out from the sea of blacks and blues, we guarantee you’ll soon be reaping the style rewards, and turn some heads.


Stumped? Here’re some tips and red fashion inspo to help you kick start this style discovery.

Head over to Cineleisure’s website to check out style guide for the ladies.


The golden advice is to play down on the rest of the outfit. Opt for monochrome, single colored tops.

Another tip is to opt for darker shade of red. Maroon, or burgundy is one of the most rich, classic and versatile colors that can take you from the office to the parties. Besides adding a ton of personality, your confidence shines like how the color brightens up your outfit. Also, avoid baggy fit pants unless you’re channeling the hippy style.










One other way to play down on the colour burst is by adding stripes, checked or patterns to your top, it will break-up the solid bright colour.


And really, checked shirts never go out of fashion. The size of the checked styles gives off a completely different vibe; a larger check gives off a casual, hipster feel while a shirt with smaller checks creates a more formal look.


When in doubt, choose the colours navy or grey when matching your outfit. These colours gives one of the most complimentary look to your red piece.












We know you’re fashionista when you rock a statement piece such as a pair of red shoes.


The trick is to keep everything else simple and let the shoes take centre stage. Going for a casual look? Opt for brighter shade of red, the darker option exudes a more formal and classy vibe.


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01 June 2018

The SALE Season is here!

Get ready to Enjoy, Shop and Eat at this upcoming GSS!

30 May 2018

SPOP Sing! 听我唱!

You could be the next Nathan Hartono, JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun or Tanya Chua!

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