Get Your Support Local Game On

Brands like these are Singapore’s call for the world to watch out! Support local is the way to go, because quite honestly, if we don’t, then who will?

The Ultimate Celebration of all Things Local from Yesteryear

The Cathay will be bringing back yet another installment of its highly anticipated craft market, complete with old school childhood games!

Let Your Hair Do The Talking

It's about time for a change of hairstyle! In this article, we round up 3 of the most versatile and coveted hairstyles of the year as sported by celebs and style stars.

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  • Know what’s better than ice cream? Creamy smooth soft serve from Matchaya!

We're in matcha heaven now. 🤗
  • Here's your chance to win $30 PASTA MANIA vouchers!
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  • As Singapore celebrates its 52nd birthday today, we take a walk down memory lane on how far Cathay Malls have come.
  • The perfect treat to beat the heat! 
@korikingsg is now open at The Cathay, and this kakigori is a must try!