12 October 2021

Beat The Heat With These Desserts


Melting under this sweltering heat of Singapore? You’ll agree with us that nothing feels as good as the first taste of an icy cold dessert, sliding right down your throat, when you’re under the unbearable heat.


C’mon, go on and give in, these desserts are calling out your name!



Bingsu is undoubtedly one of our favorite (and the most effective) desserts to cool off. The Bingsu or shaved ice desserts here are served with a variety of toppings, from macaron to Oreo, cereal, ice cream and a range of different fruits.

Located right next to the main entrance at The Cathay with a minimalist Scandinavian style interior, you can enjoy your bowl of dessert while people-watching the afternoon away.

82Own is located at The Cathay, #01-01.

Desserts - 82Own Bingsu


They say it’s a drink, but c’mon, it’s really more like a dessert that’s eaten using a straw isn’t it? Cooling? Check. Indulgent? Check. Satisfying the sweet-tooth? Check.

Choose from a list of oh-so-yummy flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawbery, Cookies & Ice Cream and Caramel Cookie Crumble. The creamy milkshakes from Fatburger is a must-order to go with your juicy burger.

Fatburger is located at Cineleisure, #01-24.

Desserts - Fatburger Milkshakes


Known for their Lava Cookie, the desserts at KOOKS Creamery do not just taste good but they are perfect for the ‘gram! Ready your cameras as the filling oozes out from the cookie when the scoop of ice cream hits the top of the cookie.

Pair the cookie with unique ice cream flavor such as Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk, Brown Butter, Lemon Curd Tart and many more! Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

KOOKS Creamery is located at The Cathay, #01-06.

Dessert - Kooks Creamery Ice Cream


Can’t get enough of Matcha? You’re not alone!

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll say it again, you will be guaranteed quality here at Matchaya. The team promises to focus on great tasting products while redefining flavors and textures that everyone will enjoy. They only source for small-batch, artisanal tea grown by passionate tea farmers that eat, drink and sleep tea, no less.

The soft serves are rich and smooth. Other than soft serves, the other desserts on the menu are all a joy to eat.

Matchaya is located at The Cathay, #01-08/09.

Desserts - Matchaya Soft Serve


Combat the heat by sipping on a refreshing smoothie. Whether it’s to cool down, freshen up your palate after a meal, perk you up, or simply as a sweet treat, the Tropical Punch Smoothie from The Assembly Ground will hit the spot.

Consisting of a blend of mango, passionfruit, Greek yoghurt and honey, it’s the perfect refreshing drink for our hot and humid weather.

⁠The Assembly Ground is located at The Cathay #01-21 and Cineleisure #01-01/02.

Desserts - The Assembly Ground Smoothie


  • 82Own
  • Fatburger
  • kooks creamery
  • Matchaya
  • The Assembly Ground
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