24 October 2017

Dessert O’Clock

We all know the evils of sugar, but what’s a complete meal without dessert?


Good news for the sweet tooth, there actually is a time during the day best to eat sugar that minimizes the impact on your waistline! The bad news, it’s not after dinner.


But instead of forcing yourself through sugar withdrawal, now you know you can just eat it at the right time!


Sugarheads, physicians advised, sugar o’clock is at 2pm, approximately an hour after lunch.


Always feeling sluggish or fall into food coma in the afternoons? Eating your sweets at this time gives you energy to fight that mid- afternoon Z monster. For this same reason, having it in the evening will keep you awake and affects your sleep pattern.


Sugar intake at this time will also allow you time to burn off those unwanted calories throughout the rest of the day.


The next time you think of replacing a savoury meal with dessert, think again. Not only would you eat more than you should, taking in sugary food on an empty stomach also means your body absorbs them faster.


Good news for fans of cinnamon! Sprinkling some cinnamon on sugary food helps prevent the increased storage of fat as it imitates the biological activity of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose.


Another way to regulate your intake of sugar is to keep it to social settings. Eating a slice of chocolate cake at home may seems overindulgent, and gives you less opportunity to burn the calories off. In comparison, not only does having it with friends feels more enjoyable, it prevents you from over-eating too.


Our love-hate relationship with desserts will continue no doubt, but knowing now there’s a magic timing means we can still indulge in the decadent matcha soft serves, cakes or tiramisu which is where are head is most days.

10 November 2017

Festive Deals at The Cathay

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by enjoying great deals and meals!

01 November 2017

A Christmas Gingerbread Story

Embark on a fun adventure with our half-baked hero by playing carnival games!

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