21 April 2019

Epic Easter Hunt





If you love puzzles, you’ll love the works from  Gergely Dudás. Here’s a compilation of some of his best works!

Happy hunting!


Can you find the BUNNY hidden among the cats?


Can you find the FISH hidden under the ocean?


Can you find the FOOTBALL hidden among the pandas?


Can you find the FOUR-LEAF CLOVER hidden among the pigs?


Can you find the FROG hidden among the leaves?


Can you find the HEART hidden among the elephants?


Can you find the HEART hidden among the flowers?


Can you find the HEART hidden among the snails?


Can you find the LOLLIPOP hidden among the ice creams?


Can you find the MUG OF HOT CHOCOLATE hidden among the penguins?

17 September 2019

Horror Haunt: Asian Dark Hour – The Revenge Of The Unsettled

Cathay Malls returns this Halloween to terrorize you!

01 September 2019

Crafts Workshops

Get creative and hands on this September

Movies at The Cathay
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