21 March 2017

All Eyes On: Dennis Tay

Tell us about yourself


My name is Dennis Tay, I’m 32 this year and I’m the founder of Naiise, which has an online store and 6 physical stores in Singapore. Our flagship store which opened in May 2016 spans about 8,5000 square feet at The Cathay.


What were you like as a youth?


I was a rather playful kid but I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship. I started my first mini business at the age of 17 doing tutor matching services, started an events company when I was about 22, and co-founded a creative agency a few years after.



Tell us about how your brand grew from back then to now


Naiise began as a pure e-commerce online store selling design products from a variety of designers, and back then I was the operations, marketing, and delivery guy! Over the last three years, we’ve grown from a one man team to a team of 80 people, organised 6 pop-up stores and subsequently opened 6 physical stores around the island. In addition, we’ve also significantly grown the number of brands carry, and today represent almost 900 brands from different countries across the world.


Who made a significant impact on your life that led to your success?


My wife (who is also my Marketing Director), my family and definitely my team. We’re a close knit team and they have always been very supportive of everything that I did, and always trusted me to make a difference. This keeps me going, even when times get tough.



What advice do you have to youths who have a dream to set-up their brand/business?


Never ever give up, don’t be afraid of challenges and keep pursing your passion. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding at the end of the day.

01 June 2018

The SALE Season is here!

Get ready to Enjoy, Shop and Eat at this upcoming GSS!

30 May 2018

SPOP Sing! 听我唱!

You could be the next Nathan Hartono, JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun or Tanya Chua!

Movies at The Cathay
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  • 5 days to The Cathay’s Ink & Cut 2018! 🤘
Join us on 23 & 24 June as we celebrate the amazing art of tattoo with mystery tattoos and hair tattoos. All you have to do is to spend a min. of $50 in the same day at The Cathay to enjoy either for free!
  • Special guest appearance - Joanna Dong #spopsing
  • SPOP Audition happening right now at The Cathay! 
What are you waiting for? The is the Final Open Audition! #spopsing #thecathay
  • Missed the Open Auditions of SPOP SING! last Saturday at Cineleisure?
One last chance at The Cathay this Saturday, 1 - 6pm.  Don’t miss it again!