07 December 2018

There’s A New Cool Word In Town – FRAPAS!

Did you guess it right? FRAPAS = French + Tapas and Frapas + Drinks gives you the newly opened FRAPAS BAR at The Cathay!


From the folks who brought us affordable and very delectable French cuisine, FRAPAS offers a mouth-watering menu of french tapas.


Here’re some highlights from the menu.


Melons and Parma ($14)

The perfect dish to kick start your meal! An incredibly refreshing dish that wakes your palate up with its sweet and savory notes.

The grilled melon especially gives a caramelized dimension. It is all smoky, juicy and crunchy, goes perfectly with the prosciutto ham.


Octopus Leg ($15)

If you love tapas, you would love this! Octopus leg cooked to perfection, tender and charred and paired with a spicy pimento puree and herbs for extra depth of flavor.


Escargot on Bone Marrow  ($20)

This is simply divine. Escargot sit on a likely pan grilled Bone Marrow finished with Chimichurri sauce and oven baked. The Escargot on Bone Marrow is an exquisite marriage of two of the finest dishes.


Salmon Tartare ($9)

This is a dish that promises to put a smile on your face. Salmon tartare drizzled with honey and tossed with avocado, jalapeno, shallots, cucumber and pickled ginger. we love it because every mouthful is a sweet, savory and slightly spicy surprise.


Bolognese Risotto ($18)

Nothing’s better than a creamy, cheesy risotto with rice that has soaked up all that flavors. The Bolognese Risotto comes with a cheese crust and tasty tomato stock. Have this or for seafood lovers, try the Sophia’s Risotto ($22) that comes with crabmeat and mackerel.


Rosemary Smoked Chicken ($9)

Rosemary and Chicken is one of the most perfect combination. At Frapas, the folks took it to a next level by smoking it. Flavorsome and juicy on the inside with a smoky and subtle aroma of rosemary, this is definitely one crowd favorite.


Lemon Tart ($9)

What you get at FrapasBar is the fifth iteration of Chef Allen’s Lemon Tart. Lemon custard on a shell base, topped with crumble and sorbet, a great balance of tartness and sweetness. Truly a perfect way to end off a fabulous meal.

Don’t you just want to eat them all? Check out their full menu HERE.


Oh did we mention? Lunch Sets are going at just $15 from Monday to Friday with a choice of appetizer and main! So be sure to pop by soon to FrapasBar at The Cathay, level 1!

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09 April 2019

Chef Street Opening Special!

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18 January 2019

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