07 December 2018

There’s A New Cool Word In Town – FRAPAS!

Did you guess it right? FRAPAS = French + Tapas and Frapas + Drinks gives you the newly opened FRAPAS BAR at The Cathay!


From the folks who brought us affordable and very delectable French cuisine, FRAPAS offers a mouth-watering menu of french tapas.


Here’re some highlights from the menu.

Melons and Parma ($14)

The perfect dish to kick start your meal! An incredibly refreshing dish that wakes your palate up with its sweet and savory notes.

The grilled melon especially gives a caramelized dimension. It is all smoky, juicy and crunchy, goes perfectly with the prosciutto ham.

Octopus Leg ($15)

If you love tapas, you would love this! Octopus leg cooked to perfection, tender and charred and paired with a spicy pimento puree and herbs for extra depth of flavor.

Escargot on Bone Marrow  ($20)

This is simply divine. Escargot sit on a likely pan grilled Bone Marrow finished with Chimichurri sauce and oven baked. The Escargot on Bone Marrow is an exquisite marriage of two of the finest dishes.

Salmon Tartare ($9)

This is a dish that promises to put a smile on your face. Salmon tartare drizzled with honey and tossed with avocado, jalapeno, shallots, cucumber and pickled ginger. we love it because every mouthful is a sweet, savory and slightly spicy surprise.

Bolognese Risotto ($18)

Nothing’s better than a creamy, cheesy risotto with rice that has soaked up all that flavors. The Bolognese Risotto comes with a cheese crust and tasty tomato stock. Have this or for seafood lovers, try the Sophia’s Risotto ($22) that comes with crabmeat and mackerel.

Rosemary Smoked Chicken ($9)

Rosemary and Chicken is one of the most perfect combination. At Frapas, the folks took it to a next level by smoking it. Flavorsome and juicy on the inside with a smoky and subtle aroma of rosemary, this is definitely one crowd favorite.

Lemon Tart ($9)

What you get at FrapasBar is the fifth iteration of Chef Allen’s Lemon Tart. Lemon custard on a shell base, topped with crumble and sorbet, a great balance of tartness and sweetness. Truly a perfect way to end off a fabulous meal.

Don’t you just want to eat them all? Check out their full menu HERE.


Oh did we mention? Lunch Sets are going at just $15 from Monday to Friday with a choice of appetizer and main! So be sure to pop by soon to FrapasBar at The Cathay, level 1!



Besides the Ala Carte menu available, Frapas Bar offers an affordable lunch set at only $19.90 that comes with a Main + Side Salad + Drink.



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