03 April 2019

Why We Should All Learn Coding

There’s no denying that technology has taken over the world, changing the way we interact, consume information and do business, pervading almost every aspect of our lives. It is therefore vital for us to have tech skills, such as coding.

You may be asking if it’s not part of your job or being a programmer is not your career choice, then why should you learn coding? Well, the reasons are endless.


You may not be actually writing the code, but chances are, you have to liaise with a developer or use a software on several occasions in your job. For a Marketer, it is when building a website or mobile application. For a Scientist, programming is used to analyse experiment results or create simulations. For any job functions that require data collection and statistical analysis, coding will come in handy; likewise for job functions that involve introduction of and working with new softwares. Honestly, in our tech-focused and data-driven world, it really is for everyone.

Knowing coding will help you in understanding quickly on how things work, knowing what are the possibilities and limitations, and easily communicate your requirements to the programmer.



Besides just allowing you to understand and communicate as explained above, knowing how to code influences the way you think. Practicing coding helps you exercise your left brain, to think more logically, and ability to make decisions through well-organized thoughts.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple once said “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer”, he added “because it teaches us how to think.” Bill Gates had also once said “Learning to write program stretches your mind and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”


Based on a report done in 2017 by Censuswide, a majority of business leaders are taking steps to increase their access to digital expertise, with 68% admitting there is a clear lack of digital skills within their organization. Which means, if you are armed with coding skills, it immediately gives you an edge over your competitors! With such a demand also means you may be able to expect a higher pay. 😉

Needless to say, coding is an especially important addition to your resume if you’re aiming to join major tech firms like Google or Facebook.


In this rapidly digitalizing world, machines are becoming more automated and many fear of it soon replacing our jobs. With this skill, you will stay relevant, and always needed as machines can’t work on their own, there will always be someone who needs to code these machines!

Coding is not easy, yes. If you’re a beginner with minimal coding knowledge, forget self-teaching, it will only get you more confused. Learn to code from the professionals and industry experts at schools such as Upcode Academy. Head over to their website (HERE) to find out more about the courses they offer and how you can enroll for one!

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