14 May 2020

Simple Stay Home Workout Routines For All



While many of the recreational facilities such as gyms, fitness studios,
swimming pools, public workout facilities and more have been temporarily
closed during this circuit breaker, this does not give you a reason to stop working out and keep munching on.


If you are feeling alone in this, video call your friends and do a fun workout together!


is using your own weight to provide resistance against gravity. 

1. 10 Reps of push-ups
2. 10 Seconds of planking
3. 15 Reps of jumping jacks
4. 10 Walking lunges on each leg

Perform each step for the stated number of reps and sets for 3 rounds.
Remember to rest for 2 mins in between each sets.

Image credit: PopSugar


improves muscular strength and endurance.

1. 10 Reps of bicep curl
2. 10 Reps of chest fly
3. 10 Reps of lateral lunge
4. 10 Reps of lying lateral leg raise

Too easy? Perform the stated number of reps and sets for 5 rounds.

Image credit: Fitbit Blog


increases your heart rate and makes you breathe heavy.

1. 30 Seconds of jump rope
2. 30 Seconds of mountain climber
3. 20 Reps of squat jumps
4. 20 Reps of jumping jacks

Try holding dumbells when doing squat jumps to build core muscle.

Image credit: Athletic Performance Training Center


helps to reduce anger by cultivating your mind and wellbeing.

1. 10 Reps of child pose
2. 10 Reps of upward facing dog
3. 10 Reps of leg lift
4. 15 Reps of oblique twists
5. 10 Reps of downward facing dog

Always remember, do not snack or consume drinks with high sugar content after your workout else it is a wasted effort.

Image credit: Hollywood Life


exercises large muscle groups.

1. 20 Reps of push-ups
2. 30 Reps of crunches
3. 10 Reps of burpees
4. 30 Seconds of jump rope
5. 30 Seconds of mountain climbers

Set your goals to breakthrough weight loss or increase intensity.

Image credit: Muscle And Fitness

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