07 June 2016


 For the seventh year, The Cathay’s annual J-Obsession event was a visual and auditory feast that featured the quirkiest and most creative of Japanese culture from 29 April 2016 (Friday) to 1 May 2016 (Sunday).



It was The Cathay’s annual and highly anticipated event! J-Obsession 2016 was a three-day tribute to the quirkiest, kookiest and most creative of Japanese culture. Expect nothing short of a sub-culture explosion as international and local cosplayers and musicians came together for a weekend soaked in the best of manga, anime and J-pop.


From cosplay parades and competitions to performances and guest appearances by some of Japan’s most popular artistes and cosplayers like Asahi Martha and Anzu Manaka, and music extraordinaire Osamuraisan, J-Obsession 2016 was all about a power-packed weekend of the most colourful side of Japan.

22 July 2022

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