05 November 2019

What Your Choice of Alcohol Says About You



Whether it’s cure for Mondays Blues, hump day celebration, or toasting to the weekend, we all deserve a drink or few every once in a while.

Just like how your hairstyle reflects about you, did you know your go-to booze can tell your personality too? So what’s your poison? Let’s find out!


Prost! We’re pretty much already friends because beer drinkers are easy-going and unpretentious, and who doesn’t like hanging out with someone like that? Beer drinkers appreciate the simple things in life, just good honest fun, no fuss, nothing fancy. You like and certainly know how to chill. You focus on work-life balance. You work hard no doubt, but you don’t necessarily likes to work that hard.


The former President of the United States, Barack Obama is a beer drinker represent, and don’t you just naturally want to hang with a friendly and down to earth guy like him?



If whisky is your signature drink, you are mature, deep and confident. You enjoy the mystery and intellect that comes with having a whisky neat, and the depth of a good whisky. Whisky drinkers likes sharing stories about your life, and are confident to do so even in a group setting.


Your whisky pal? The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, Sir Winston Churchill. He was said to have his favorite scotch whisky on a daily basis.



Rum drinkers are the king of good times! They love life and have a vibrant personality, making them so much fun to have around. They are creative and experimental, or also impulsive.


The most famous rum cocktail, the Mojito are believed to be for people who love to  get the party started, while other famous rum cocktails like Pina Colada which is born in Puerto Rico are often associated with beaches and festivals.


Fun and wacky personalities like Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson are big fans of rum cocktails like Pina Colada and Mai Tai.



There’s no secret about this, wine drinkers love sophistication and enjoys the finer things in life. Image is important to you. You can be seen as a bit of a snob at times but that’s simply because you’re confident and proud of your palate.  You do not mind spending time drinking alone, and often prefers a few glasses at home than at a bar.


The classy ladies known to adore wine are supermodel Heidi Klum and pop diva Mariah Carey.



Gin lovers are timeless and classy. It’s the only drink you order at the bar because you appreciate security (nothing can go wrong with a classic G&T right?). You’re a no nonsense kind of person so you don’t appreciate gimmicks or drinks that have one too many ingredients. You can certainly hold your liquor, nice to hang around for a drink with, but yet you’re also not the life of a party.


Dry Martini and Gin and Dubonnet are Queen Elizabeth II’s drink of choice after all.



“One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila floor”


Two words – party animal. Remember when you first got legal to enter the clubs and someone will always be suggesting downing some tequila shots? Yup, if this is your must-order drink, you are likely and unsurprisingly refusing to grow old, and love to party. Tequila lovers seek constant thrills in life and will push all inhibitions aside for a good time.


Famous Tequila fan? Matthew McConaughey.


So? Does your signature booze really reflects your personality? Yes? Cheers to that! No? Well, you too should have a drink.


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