28 May 2021

Stay Home Fun Activities For The Kids

There’s no secret that kids have short attention span. Keeping them occupied over the weekend is one, but it’s a whole different ball game attending to them 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. For most parents, this is all while juggling work from home. How do you keep them away and quiet while you are on a video conference, as tempting as it may sound, how do you keep them away from the mobile phones or computer games, what should you do when they’re bored, when they need a snack or when they need help with their homework.


Parents, we feel you.


If you’re running out of ideas, read on. We went on to brainstorm and source some fun activities for kids to should keep them engaged. Some of these activities will get them off your back for a while, while others will require you to do it together.


Stay home activities for kids - bake together


If you too are getting on the quarantine trend of baking, why not get your kids involved too for some bonding. Get them to do simple tasks like mashing the bananas for your banana bread, beating the eggs for your cake, shape the cookies or for the older kids, measuring out the ingredients for you.


Instead of handing out snacks or treats when requested, make the kids work for their snack by hiding them around the house! Give them clues to locate the treats (or increase the level of difficulty for the older kids with a puzzle to solve before obtaining each clue), and switch it up with a different location and clue every time! Besides getting what they want, this gives the kids the sense of accomplishment and the pleasure of the process of hunting it down.


Stay home activities for kids - Crafts


Stretch their imagination and unleash their creativity through some hands-on crafts! For the younger kids, let them run free with colourful finger painting. For the older kids, try upcycling a container, creating cards for his/her friends in school or making lanterns. The possibilities are endless. If you need help, you can always count on YouTube.


Shop for all the DIY craft supplies you need at Overjoyed.


You’ve seen it all over social media. Youths attempting cute dance moves on TikTok. How about embracing this trend by practicing a set of moves together with your kid? Besides staying up to trend and connected with your kid, this will be great fun for everyone, including yourself! The best thing about it? You don’t have to be a dancer to nail the moves.


We’re all in this together. If you’re struggling to keep your kids entertained, chances are your friend would be thinking about the same. So why not connect the kids for a virtual hang out sesh over Zoom, Facetime, or Skype? For the younger ones, this can be a simple show and tell to each other of their latest favourite toy or drawing.


Other than engaging in these fun activities for your kids, don’t forget to keep your kids healthy too while staying home. Hop over HERE for some simple and tasty smoothie recipes.


Here’s another fun activity! Check it out: thecathay.com.sg/trending/can-find-hidden-object


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