18 September 2019

Matchaya Concept Store Is Now Open

Matchaya has won our hearts with their quality matcha beverages and soft serves when it first opened at The Cathay in 2017. It’s no surprise that with its revamp to a concept store, and its extended menu, we’re now major fans of the establishment.


A little throwback to how it all stated in 2015 with a trip to Japan where the team learnt ‘The Way of Tea’. With the goal to offer an unforgettable Matcha experience in Singapore, and the belief in recreating flavours and textures, while retaining the quality and authenticity of the ingredient, Matchaya has quickly gained popularity and fab ratings.


The concept store now serves not just a wide selection of desserts, but also main meals such as Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, Dashi Chicken Stew, Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio and more!


Check out some the dishes below. Be warned, they’re pretty irresistible.



This was on our must-try list and boy did it not disappoint!

Featuring layers of mochi, handcrafted chokoreto, rice puffs, Japanese anko paste (red bean paste) and of course the signature soft serve, you will be greeted with a delightful surprise each time you dig your spoon in.


It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular item on the menu!


This one is made for the ‘gram, it’s so pretty we almost can’t bare to eat it!


Comprising of a dark chokoreto tart, almond cream, purple sweet potato puree and Chantilly cream, this beauty is not just an eye candy, it taste fab as well!


Sweet dreams are made of this. Doesn’t this photo just makes your heart flutter?


From Koicha Azuki Roll Cake to Matcha Yuzu Tart, Matcha Tiramisu, Mille Crepe Cakes and more, there’s always something for everyone.


We particularly love how the desserts are not sickly sweet, you can taste the fragrant and quality ingredients used in each of them.


Our vote goes to the Koicha Azuki Roll Cake is light and fluffy charcoal sponge cake filled with rich matcha and Chantilly cream, and Azuki red beans.


This is Matchaya’s version of the classic Japanese comfort food – chicken Katsu.


Using homemade breaded chicken thigh marinated in spices and yellow mustard and deep fried to golden brown. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Paired with Japanese calrose rice and lightly spiced curry with a side of pickled red ginger.


This is a special one – Matchaya’s take on Scandinavia Skagen. The sourdough bread is topped with a generous serving of freshwater prawns and Japanese ebiko and seasoned with homemade sour cream and a touch of lemon.


A perfect mid day snack to pair with a rich matcha drink.

Matchaya Concept Store is located at The Cathay #01-08/09.

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