27 April 2021

Spend & Redeem on Cathay Lifestyle App

Cathay Lifestyle app


Spend & redeem e-vouchers seamlessly anywhere and anytime within 24 hours of purchase via Cathay Lifestyle app by simply spending a minimum of $50 at either The Cathay or Cineleisure!


No endless accumulation of points, just snap and upload a photo of the receipt via Cathay Lifestyle app to receive the e-voucher right away upon verification.


Simply spend a minimum of just $50 (maximum of 2 combined receipts) at any shops in Cineleisure or The Cathay to redeem a $10 e-voucher that can be used at participating stores in the mall to enjoy discounts off your total bill!





Please ensure that you have read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding.
For full Terms & Conditions, click HERE


How do I register for Cathay Lifestyle Member?
Step 1: Download the Cathay Lifestyle mobile application via App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery
Step 2: Complete a one-time registration to create an account

Upon successful registration, you can immediately proceed to upload receipt(s) through the application.

What information do I need to provide to register an account?
The mandatory information are your name, email address and mobile number

Is there a registration fee?
No, registering an account is absolutely free!

What privileges can I enjoy as a member?
As a valued member, you enjoy rewards such as e-vouchers that can be used to enjoy discounts at participating retailers.

How do I update my personal particulars?
Step 1: Click on “More” on the menu bar
Step 2: Click on “Profile”

How can I reset my password?
At the login page, click on “Forget Password” and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you to retrieve your password

How do I receive updates on latest promotions, events and giveaways?
Step 1: Click on “More” on the menu bar
Step 2: Click on “Profile”
Step 3: Check the option to indicate your preference

What is Cathay Lifestyle Spend & Redeem Programme?
Offering a rewarding shopping experience, the Cathay Lifestyle Spend & Redeem Programme allows you to make redemptions seamlessly anywhere and anytime, through the mobile application.

The participating malls include:
– The Cathay
– Cineleisure

Shoppers who spend a minimum amount at the mall simply have to take and submit a photo of their spending receipt through the app. Upon verification, they can redeem e-vouchers to be used at participating shops to enjoy a discount.

Can I combine receipts to meet the minimum spend?
Yes, you can combine up to 2 same-day receipts

How do I upload a receipt?
Step 1: Login to your account
Step 2: Click “Receipt” on the menu bar
Step 3: Click “Upload Receipt Image with Details”
Step 4: Select the photo in your phone gallery or take a photo
Step 5: Complete all required fields and submit

Must I upload the receipts on the same day of purchase?
Receipts must be submitted within 24 hours of purchase

How many times can I redeem per day?
Shoppers are limited to one redemption per day

Why are my receipts rejected?
Rejected submissions may happen for the following reasons:

  • Image of receipt is unclear
  • Photo does not capture one or more of the following information:
    • Shop name and address/ location
    • Transaction date and time
    • Receipt number
    • Transaction amount
  • Image of receipt does not capture receipt in full
  • Receipt submitted is not from the shops at Cathay Malls
  • Receipt is submitted more than 24 hours after purchase
  • Receipt is less than the minimum spend required
  • Shopper has already made a redemption in the same day
  • Receipt submitted is not the official printed receipt. Handwritten, reprinted receipts and credit card charge slips will not be accepted
  • Duplicate receipts
  • Receipt submission is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, offer or vouchers

Will I receive the e-voucher immediately after submitting the receipt(s)
E-voucher will be issued to your wallet in the mobile application within 3 working days

How do I use the e-voucher?
Simply present the voucher at the participating shop to which you would like to make the redemption. E-voucher must be presented before payment.

Which are the stores that accept the e-vouchers?
Participating merchants are listed when you click into the e-voucher

Can I redeem the e-vouchers at a store’s outlet that is located at another mall or location?
No, the e-vouchers are valid only for the outlet at The Cathay or Cineleisure

What’s the validity of the e-vouchers?
Validity of e-voucher is stated when you click into the e-voucher

Am I able to extend the validity of the e-vouchers?
No, strictly no extension of expiry date is allowed

Can I send the e-voucher as a gift to someone else?
Yes you may!

How do I transfer the e-voucher to a family or friend?
Ensure that your family or friend has downloaded and created a membership account on Cathay Lifestyle App

Step 1: Click on the e-voucher
Step 2: Click on “Gift” at the bottom of the page
Step 3: Enter the mobile number of your family or friend and click “Send”

How do I get reminders before my e-voucher expires?
Step 1: Go to “Settings” in your phone
Step 2: Click on Cathay Lifestyle mobile application
Step 3: Set “Allow Notifications”

I am a staff/ working at one of the stores at the mall, am I entitled to submit receipts from the store I am working at?
No, staff are not allowed to submit receipts from the same store where they work

My questions were not answered in the FAQ, what should I do?
You may get in touch with us at [email protected]

Fraud and abuse relating to the redemption programme may result in the forfeiture of e-vouchers in account, ban of account/ account holder and/ or be handed over to the Singapore Police Force.

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